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IDEXX BioAnalytics is proud to add Endotoxin to our array of services as we help academic and commercial research programs of all sizes create a tailored cellular lab safety plan to protect your valuable research time and dollars.

Endotoxin testing is an essential component of your holistic approach to cell health and biological materials testing.  Endotoxin is derived from bacterial cell membranes, and due to its amphipathic nature, they stick to plastics and are an all-too-common laboratory contaminant. Our chromogenic assay can deliver precise endotoxin quantification  on nearly any sample type.

Protect your research: Detect Endotoxin contamination early with    STAT-Endo™

Like Mycoplasma, the presence of endotoxin is not readily observed in cell culture by phenotypic change. Endotoxin can only be detected by using targeted assays. Trust our scientific team to deliver fast and accurate results on your samples and remove all uncertainty from  your research programs.


STAT-Endo™ testing

Quantify Endotoxin from 0.04 – 10 EU/mL


Test almost any material

Cell culture media, Plasma, Serum, Medical device wash, Filter wash, Injectable materials


A single sample to give you full confidence in your research

Add Endotoxin testing to any other IDEXX BioAnalytics services. Submit a single sample for the most thorough suite of testing available



Fundamentals of STAT-Endo testing

 The IDEXX LAL assay detects bacterial endotoxin by chromogenic, Limulus Amebocyte Lysate-based method. The assay  is for the in vitro quantitative determination of various biological fluids (sera, plasma), devices (PBS or saline wash), air (filter wash), and tissue culture medium. The assay is intended for research use only and is not for use in diagnostic  or therapeutic procedures or applications.

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