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Contamination and lab-acquired infections are a risk to your health, your animals, and your research

IMPACT™ rodent pathogen screening from IDEXX BioAnalytics gives you the right answer fast, while providing you with the same level of security you look for when introducing animals into your vivarium. For a more comprehensive biosecurity program, run an IMPACT test when utilizing biological materials.

Minimize the risk of an outbreak with reliable microbiological rodent pathogen testing

IMPACT™ is a comprehensive biosecurity program designed for vivariums and anywhere research mice are in use. IMPACT™ features: 

  • 99% sensitivity (1-10 copy)
  • Precise real-time PCR technology
  • High (12,000nL) PCR reaction volume to increase diagnostic performance
  • Detection of  Mycoplasma spp. contamination
  • Automatic re-test of all positive results
  • Multiple controls (Nucleic acid extraction, positive, negative, and inhibition controls) on every plate
  • Highly specific probes designed by industry experts

The IMPACT ™ difference

Our real-time PCR testing uses high reaction volume to guarantee reliability. Plus, there is no need for preamplification steps that would introduce additional risk for a false positive. 

  • Only a single sample is required
  • Fast turnaround time - three days or less 
  • Does not depend on other variables
  • Peer-reviewed superiority in sensitivity and specificity to MAP
  • Single assay per each infectious agent, no microarray technology

Minimize the risk of an outbreak
with IMPACT™ testing.

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