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Veterinary Clinical Trial services from IDEXX BioAnalytics: innovative solutions, customized expertise

As the research-focused division within the world's leader in veterinary diagnostic testing, our client-focused approach helps keep laboratory analysis efficient and straightforward. 

From study planning to study completion, our mission is to provide innovative solutions and supportive expertise to make gathering your required end-points as clear and consistent as possible.

A central laboratory delivers the necessary level of quality for reliable results and regulatory approval

Housed with rigorously trained technicians supported by multiple levels of expertise within the IDEXX Laboratories umbrella; onsite quality assurance teams ensure your study is in good hands. 

While clinics can provide similar results, they lack one critical detail: dedicated personnel. While veterinary technicians often run tests in conjunction with other job duties and responsibilities, a central laboratory like IDEXX BioAnalaytics exclusively serves research customers. Method validations, equipment qualification, maintenance, and calibrations are all components of our quality plan. A research-focused central laboratory equips scientists with: 

  • Streamlined data sets
  • Multiple levels of QC run and monitored throughout the day to ensure accurate results
  • Streamlined process for sponsors (avoiding different prices, payments, and schedules)
  • Access to proprietary tests not available in the global market
  • Assistance with referral laboratories should you require a test we do not offer
  • Study managers to oversee the entire send-out process on your behalf to simplify reporting

One point of contact: dedicated support throughout your study

Dedicated study managers for your research allow for easy and swift communication between you, investigators, or others who may need to access your materials. This level of support reduces back-and-forth meetings, unanswered emails, and time spent navigating phone trees. 

Study managers are deeply involved in the laboratories' handling of your study and can find an answer to any question that may arise about technical specifications, invoicing, or reporting.

Globally compliant with VICH GL9 (GCP), study managers can collaborate across regions, ensuring enhanced, streamlined communications between global laboratories and research entities.

Extensive study coordination and planning support for veterinary clinical trials

Our international development programs offer exceptional, study-customized service that allows for quick pivots and transitions during your study.

Tests are performed locally at EU and US labs, supplying your research with the experience and dedication of world-renowned personnel.  

Study support services include everything from fast-tracked shipping to EMA/CVMP submission support: 

  • Logistics and shipment of samples across borders ensure that you will never be burdened with VAT laws and regulations, customs duties, or import taxes.
  • Quick and efficient sample pick up and shipment reduce in-transit time.
  • Support for studies and generated data sets allow for streamlined FDA/CVM and EMA/CVMP submission.
  • Reporting into leading EDC systems (North America only) saves time and energy for study directions, investigators, and monitors.

IDEXX BioAnalytics provides the expertise to best support Veterinary Clinical Trial research. 

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