Real-time PCR Testing

Submit your PCR samples and get your results within 3 days*

*Confirmatory testing may add an additional day.

Icon-Computer-Gray Fast results—3-day standard turnaround.*
 Easy sample collection.
 Broader antemortem testing.
For quarantine, colony, environmental and biological testing.
 Highest degree of accurate results.



"Our PCR is so fast, customers are asking if we really ran the samples!"

– Dr. Bob Livingston, Associate Director Operations &
    Scientific Affairs, IDEXX BioAnalytics

IBA-ICONsOur new optimized PCR service is accurate, simple, and fast—really fast. Fastest-turnaround-in-the-industry fast. Real-time PCR is ideal for quarantine, colony, environmental, and biological testing solutions.

Pair Real-time PCR with Serology and get a more complete picture of your animals' health, utilizing diagnostics from both colony and sentinel samples. PCR samples can also be pooled, reducing costs and helping you make a more complete and faster assessment of your colony’s health.

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