Submit your PCR samples and get your results within 3 days*

Icon-Computer-Gray Fast results—3-day standard turnaround.*
 Easy sample collection.
 Broader antemortem testing.
For quarantine, colony, environmental and biological testing.
 Highest degree of accurate results.

   *Business days. Confirmatory testing may add an additional day. 


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A Novel Parvovirus Update 

Novel Mouse Kidney Parvovirus (MKPV)

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    Comprehensive monitoring,
    3-day PCR results, diagnostic expertise 

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"Our PCR is so fast, customers are asking if we really ran the samples!"

– Dr. Bob Livingston, Associate Director Operations &
    Scientific Affairs, IDEXX BioAnalytics

IBA-ICONsOur new optimized PCR service is accurate, simple, and fast—really fast. Fastest-turnaround-in-the-industry fast. Real-time PCR is ideal for quarantine, colony, environmental, and biological testing solutions.

Pair Real-time PCR with Serology and get a more complete picture of your animals' health, utilizing diagnostics from both colony and sentinel samples. PCR samples can also be pooled, reducing costs and helping you make a more complete and faster assessment of your colony’s health.

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