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Healthy people, healthy data, healthy cells

Contamination of cell lines and tumors with human pathogens poses significant health risks to personnel and can introduce unwanted variables to your research. Although human viruses have a low incidence rate in laboratory materials, they can be pernicious in their ability to infect and destroy the growth and performance of cell lines, obliterating data integrity.

The presence of biological materials in a laboratory presents a significant health risk to laboratory workers, putting the company at risk of health violations, monetary fines, or even criminal lawsuits. 

Bottom line: the threat to human health is simply not worth the risk.

Minimize health risks to personnel with h-IMPACT™  testing 

IDEXX BioAnalytics is your comprehensive health solutions provider - allowing you not only to screen against human pathogens but to test the identity and health of your cell lines, all in one convenient, simple process and one easy sample. 

Human pathogen screening from IDEXX BioAnalytics offers:

  • 3-4 day turnaround 
  • 99% sensitivity (1-10 copy)
  • Precise real-time PCR technology
  • Automatic re-test of all positive results
  • Multiple controls on every plate
  • Highly specific probes designed by industry professionals

Minimize the health risk to your personnel.

Contact IDEXX BioAnalytics to discuss h-IMPACT™ today.

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