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Genetic contamination and misidentification of biological materials can impact your valuable data and research. Why take the risk?

CellCheck is much more than just an STR profile. It’s a comprehensive cell line authentication service that utilizes STR-based DNA profiling and multiplex PCR to detect BOTH contamination and misidentification of your cell lines. An easy and comprehensive service—we accept your cryovial and there is no need for ordering special sample collection supplies. We will also provide data analysis and interpretation, along with a comparative analysis which can be run against a referenced profile or in comparison to your own parental cells. We will even help you to develop a contamination recovery plan, if necessary. Cell line misidentification and contamination can put the integrity of your data at risk and can cause unnecessary use of animals.

With CellCheck, you can expect the most comprehensive authentication in the industry to provide the assurance on which you can rely



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