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Prevent insidious contamination in your laboratory and beyond

IDEXX BioAnalytics helps companies of all sizes create a tailored cellular lab safety plan to protect the gut-level health of cell cultures. 

Contamination of cell cultures can profoundly affect research results by decreasing cell growth, altering phenotypic and metabolic characteristics, inhibiting differentiation, and causing cell death.

Resistant to antibiotics and common among shared cell culture facilities, undetected propagation of Mycoplasma can spread to other cultures and has the potential further disseminated via the interchange of cell lines among laboratories.

Protect your research: detect and eradicate Mycoplasma contamination with STAT-Myco™

Because Mycoplasma does not conspicuously overgrow the cell culture, it can only be detected using specific assays. Our scientists have developed an exquisitely sensitive real-time PCR assay that can detect species not detected by commercially available kits. 

STAT-Myco™ testing: 

  • Detects as few as 1–10 organisms
  • Detects all species of Mycoplasma known to infect cell cultures
  • Detects a number of Acholeplasma spp., a member of the Mollicutes class that can contaminate cultured cells

Expect greater accuracy and insight with fast and easy STAT-Myco™ testing.

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