EDx: more options, more confidence

Environmental Diagnostics (EDx), or environmental PCR testing allows you to eliminate the need for sentinel animals, while also reliably allowing for better space management, reduce workload and time for sample collection.

When it comes to rodent diagnostics, EDx of rodent colony cages (or IVC rack) provides a more significant detection of bacteria and parasites than soiled bedding sentinels, allowing for faster detection of pathogens and better management. 

Our PCR-based testing service options provide more customizable animal health monitoring, with results in just three days.

Modernization in animal health monitoring begins here

Environmental diagnostics can play a crucial role in helping businesses with the 3Rs. Replacing the use of animals with alternative testing techniques, reducing the number of animals used, and refining the way animal health monitoring is done. 

  • Significantly improved diagnostics 
  • Easy sample collection 
  • No need for sentinel animals 
  • Applicable in any housing environment
  • Saves space (and money) 
  • Fast, direct detection

Environmental diagnostics at IDEXX BioAnalytics: unparalleled innovation, dedicated support 

Regardless of what racks you have, how big or small your facility, how complex your monitoring needs or exclusion list, we’ve got you covered.

IDEXX BioAnalytics works with you to develop a program that works with your facility, regardless of the on-site housing system. 

EDxPrime is a PCR-based animal health monitoring system to test “just the racks.” EDxPrime works with most rack-based sample collection types. Including 

  • Plenum
  • Cage
  • Dust
  • Filter/Media/Matrices

“The role of environmental rack testing has been the subject of lots of discussion and confusion. We “racked our brains,” so you don’t have to! We continue to provide the science behind the service by doing comprehensive studies on multiple IVC racks."

Dr. Bob Livingston, Director of R&D & Scientific Affairs

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