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No more estimating. No more ranges. No more uncertainty.

While PDX tumor models are crucial for gaining predictive insights into the efficacy of new cancer therapies, it can be difficult to understand your treatment’s impact if you don’t have deep insights into the composition of your tumors and cell lines.

When PDX models are transplanted into mice, human tumors can become contaminated with mouse cells, making it difficult to assess the impact of your treatment on a human tumor.

Lack of visibility into your results can diminish confidence in your therapeutic trials, reducing the likelihood of qualifying for human clinical trials.

In this webinar, you’ll have the chance to learn about ConfirmPDX, a new solution that improves the precision of your cell line characterizations so that you can move your research forward with confidence.

ConfirmPDX is a ddPCR-based assay that measures the percentage of human versus mouse DNA within a sample with a high degree of accuracy, so that you can understand the true impact of your treatment on a human tumor sample.

Our team will share use cases for our new ConfirmPDX product and help you understand how your team can use it to deliver new insights in your preclinical studies.

Meet the Presenters



Sarah A. Hansen DVM, MS, DACLAM




Steve Smith Ph.D, MBA


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