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Cells are at the foundation of modern biomedical science research. It’s never been more important to have confidence in cell identity and health.

A plan to validate cell health and cell line identity is essential to deliver unassailable data and keep research personnel and research animals healthy. In this webinar, experts from IDEXX, a world leader in diagnostic testing, will detail our approach to cell health, including cell line authentication, human virus testing, murine virus testing, mycoplasma testing, and sterility testing.

In this webinar, you’ll have the chance to learn about all aspects of cell health and how IDEXX can be your full-service partner in maintaining healthy cell populations in your lab. We know cells and are ready to help you develop a plan to produce your best cell-based research.

Our team of cell health experts will share a holistic view of testing cells and biological materials for common (and uncommon) pathogens. Join us and learn more about maintaining cells that are always the star of your research programs.

Meet the Presenters



Sarah A. Hansen DVM, MS, DACLAM




Steve Smith Ph.D, MBA


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