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Your testing partner for human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs)

IDEXX BioAnalytics is now proud to offer the fastest copy number variant genomic testing assay available. Detect over 90% of recurrent abnormalities in hPSCs in as little as three days!

Human Pluripotent Stem Cells (hPSCs) are quite susceptible to acquiring abnormalities while in culture. Within just five passages or fewer, these variations can become prevalent, potentially jeopardizing the integrity of your research.

Our partners, STEM GENOMICS, have developed a fast, sensitive, ddPCR-based assay that we are pleased to perform in our North American lab.




Our holistic approach to hPSC health

In their most recent guidance (June 2023), the ISSCR recommends characterizing hPSCs by testing them at regular intervals. This includes STR profiling to confirm cell line identity at the initial characterization of the master cell bank, as well as STR and iPSC-digital PSC testing at any significant stress or bottleneck (i.e., gene editing), and at the end of the study.

Protect your research: As a partner in your holistic approach to cell health, IDEXX BioAnalytics recommends careful testing of hPSC populations using iCS-digital PSC, CellCheck (STR Testing), h-IMPACT (human virus screening), STAT-Myco (mycoplasma spp screen), and sterility testing (microbial contaminants).


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Original Source: STEM GENOMICS


iCS-digital™ PSC key specifications at a glance

The STEM GENOMICS iCS-digital™ PSC 24-probe test will capture over 90% of recurrent defects in hPSCs, including the 20q11.21 amplification that accounts for one quarter of recurrent abnormalities in hPSCs worldwide.

IDEXX BioAnalytics can perform iCS-digital PSC, CellCheck, h-IMPACT, mycoplasma, and sterility testing on a single sample!



Human PSCs:

ESCs & iPSCs



Ship on ice



3-5 days after sample reception


In-process control during cell
amplification & maintenance

Clone screening

Banking characterization



Test with 24 probes: 90% of recurrent



Cell pellet

Cells in fresh culture media (or in cell
culture supernatant)



>20% (depending on sample quality)

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