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IDEXX BioAnalytics REPLACE™ delivers fast, accurate results for superior rodent colony environmental health monitoring.

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Clinical and anatomic pathology lab services that support your work—quickly delivering highly accurate, reliable results.

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Prompt, accurate results to support early discovery, R&D, and global development programs.




Independent confirmation for the quality, safety, and authenticity of biological materials.

Superior Rodent Colony Environmental Health Monitoring.

Sentinel-Free Soiled Bedding (SFSB) with IDEXX BioAnalytics REPLACE™

REPLACE™ offers the highest level of confidence in capturing and detecting low amounts of nucleic acid particles compared to any other materials available in the market for SFSB. Our cutting-edge technology sets a new standard for precision. Learn more about how REPLACE™ can deliver fast, accurate result to streamline colony management. 

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PRE-ANALYTICAL VARIABLES IN RESEARCH DESIGN Sampling standardization is key to quality results.



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CBC BASICS: THE ERYTHROGRAM Understanding the submission, evaluation, and meaning of a CBC.



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