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What's New in Aquatic Health Monitoring?

Zebrafish Picornavirus
Through collaborative efforts we've characterized the first novel virus described from zebrafish. Discover more and the value of screening for the Zebrafish picornavirus (ZfPV1).

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At IDEXX BioAnalytics, we continue to expand our molecular diagnostic and microbiology assay portfolio to improve health monitoring for your aquatic colonies. Partner with our aquatics experts for deeper insight at IDEXX BioAnalytics.



New NIH grant requirement? 

Searching for a Complete Solution  for Monitoring Germ-free animals?

Generic Bacterial 16S rDNA PCR Assay
paired with Sterility with Anaerobic Culture (Micro) Testing provides you with the
complete answer.

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Our IDEXX BioAnalytics Experts
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    Zebrafish Health Monitoring 
    "We have the most comprehensive services in the market—my goal is to make them even better."
    -Marcus Crim, MS, DVM
    Head of Aquatic Diagnostics and Microbiology Labs
  • Robert S. Livingston Head of Molecular Diagnostics at IDEXX BioResearch


    “IMPACT testing has become the standard for protecting your valuable research colony from exposure to viral pathogens that may be present in biological materials.”

    Robert S. Livingston, DVM, PhD, DACLAM
    Associate Director Operations & Scientific Affairs