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IDEXX BioAnalytics now provides high quality LC-MS/MS bioanalysis 
for small molecule compounds. In addition to standard protein 
precipitation, IDEXX BioAnalytics offers solid phase extraction and 
solid supported liquid extraction.

We offer the same high-quality, flexible, and fast turnaround in our bioanalysis laboratory as we do for our current clinical and anatomic pathology services.

Analytical Equipment


• Sciex 5500+ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
    – ESI source and APCI source
• Shimadzu Nexera X2 HPLC
• Integra Biosciences VIAFLO96 pipetting robot
• Beckman Avanti JXN-26 refrigerated centrifuge
• Mettler XPR36DR analytical balance
• Biotage TurboVap96 evaporator
• WinNonlin Phoenix software

Extraction Types


• Protein precipitation
    – Organic and acidic methods
• Solid Phase Extraction
• Solid Supported Liquid Extraction

Sample Types We Work With

  • Blood

  • Serum

  • Urine

  • Tissue homogenates

Bioanalytical Services: Small molecule LC-MS/MS Services

Method Feasability

• Detecting the compound in the mass spectrometer
    – Compound infusion
    – Ionization parameter optimization
• Eluting the retained compound from the UHPLC column
    – Column and mobile phase selection
    – Compound injection for retention time 
       and peak shape assessment

Development and Pre-qualification
• Optimizing the LC-MS/MS method
• Accuracy
    – 3 concentrations tested
• Precision
    – 3 concentrations tested
    – Quality control samples every 10 samples
• Linearity
    – 8 concentrations tested
• Sensitivity
    – Limit of Detection

Method Qualification

Sensitivity and Linearity

• Assessment of duplicate extracted and non-extracted 
  standard curves for linearity and sensitivity and 
  reproducibility on two or three different injection days

Quality Controls

• High, medium, and low concentrations
  in duplicate

Non-GLP Sample Analysis

• Pre- and post-analysis standard curves for QC
• Interspersed QCs through samples
    – 10% of total number of samples tested
• Summary report in Excel format
    – System suitability
    – Standards & QC: Reporting of used/excluded, 
       nominal, back calculated, accuracy, coefficient 
       of variation
    – Carryover
    – Samples: Calculated concentration in tabular 
       format, graphical format optional

IDEXX BioAnalytics provides the expertise to best support your Small Molecule Bioanalysis work.

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