Serology Testing

Sample Collection & Shipping Guidelines

Opti-Spot® Sample Collection

  1. Materials required 
    • Opti-Spot card (available from IDEXX BioAnalytics for no charge)
    • Lancet or needle
  2.  Sample labeling
    • Label one Opti-Spot card with a unique identification number for each sample strip.
  3. Opti-Spot cards and strips
    • The Opti-Spot cards are constructed with 5 individual strips separated by perforations. The strips are easily separated along the perforation lines for individual use.
    • On each strip, a 1.0 cm2 circle is printed on the face of the Opti-Spot membrane as a guide. It is not necessary that the blood spot be centered within the circle.
  4. Opti-Spot sample collection
    • Ante-mortem blood samples may be obtained by lancing the lateral saphenous, facial or the temporal vein. Touch the Opti-Spot membrane to blood drop as it forms on the surface of the skin.
    • If the blood sample is taken by cardiocentesis, quickly dispense one drop of whole blood onto the Opti-Spot strip.
    • The blood spot should be of sufficient size (approximately 1 cm2) to nearly fill the printed circle and be of sufficient volume to saturate the membrane. The blood spot will appear similar on both sides of the membrane.
    • Allow the blood spot to dry for a minimum of one hour.
    • Once dried, fold the protective upper tab over the blood spot and tuck under the lower tab.
  5. Sample Shipment
    • It is important that the Opti-Spot strip is protected from moisture. Once dry, place Opti-Spot samples in a water-tight plastic bag containing the provided silica gel desiccant pack, and ship samples in a standard overnight envelope.

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