Fecal Collection and Shipping SOP
for Germ-free Animal Monitoring

Germ-free Complete Profile

Feces: Fecal pellets should be collected aseptically and placed in individually labeled sterile tubes.

If testing individual mice/rats, submit fecal pellets from each animal. Two to three pellets per animal is adequate.

If collecting fecal pellets from multiple animals, gloves should be changed and forceps replaced between animals to prevent cross-contamination. Alternatively, forceps can be wiped clean and immersed in diluted bleach (10%) solution for 10 minutes prior to reuse.

Fecal samples should be stored in the refrigerator until ready to send.

Place labeled sample tubes in a styrofoam box and ship overnight to our laboratory. Samples should be shipped on ice packs.

Ship Samples to:

IDEXX BioAnalytics

4011 Discovery Drive 
Columbia, MO 65201