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Mouse Cytokine Mutiplex Panel

A new biomarker panel

IDEXX BioAnalytics provides researchers an easy-to-use and cost-effective means to measure multiple cytokine and chemokine biomarkers simultaneously from a single sample.

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NHP Diagnostics

Comprehensive monitoring, 3-day PCR results, diagnostic expertise 

The IDEXX BioAnalytics NHP portfolio provides you with deeper insight that can be helpful in determining the most effective course of treatment as well as helping you to identify possible sources of infection.

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Novel Mouse Kidney Parvovirus (MKPV)

A Novel Parvovirus Update 

After additional testing of thousands of customer submitted samples, our research data indicates a prevalence of 5.8%. MKPV infection has been detected in a wide range of rodent stocks and strains.

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A Newly Discovered Virus
Rat Polyomavirus (RPyV2)

RPyV2 can cause disease and mortality in immunodeficient animals

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Germ-Free Animal Monitoring

Generic Bacterial 16S rDNA PCR Assay paired with Sterility with Anaerobic Culture (Micro) Testing provides you with the complete answer.

Trust IDEXX to provide you with a complete solution for all the animals in your facility, routine animal health plus monitoring of your germ-free animals. Access to our experts for questions and problem-solving provides you all the support you’ll need so you can monitor with confidence.

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Discovery-Center-5_21-1 Opti-Spot Collection Video

In this video, you will learn how to fill the spot for optimal results