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"Our PCR is so fast, 
customers are asking if 
we really ran the samples!"

– Dr. Bob Livingston, Head of Molecular    
   Diagnostics, IDEXX BioAnalytics

Our new optimized PCR service is accurate, simple, and fast—really fast. Fastest-turnaround-in-the-industry fast. Real-time PCR is ideal for quarantine, colony, environmental and biological materials solutions.
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A Newly Discovered Virus
Rat Polyomavirus 2


RPyV2 can cause disease and mortality in immunodeficient animals and population surveys found antibodies to this novel virus in 32% of immunocompetent models used in biomedical research. We’ve developed and validated MFI and PCR diagnostic assays for RPyV2 as stand alone diagnostics that can also be added to any profile.

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New NIH Grant Requirements? No Problem! 

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Get the most comprehensive cell line authentication solution, along with a greater degree of insight and assistance to meet NIH grant requirements. Our Authentication team of experts developed this Guide to assist in your authentication plan compliance. Find everything you need to complete the authentication requirements with confidence.

Cell Line Authentication Guide

Complimentary H&E Slide Preparation!


5 Free Slides!

 • Submit up to 5 tissues at no charge.

 • Trimming, embedding, sectioning and     
    H&E staining included.

 • Pathologist consult available.

We provide the highest quality service combined with specialized research model anatomy expertise — so you can expect more when you utilize IDEXX BioAnalytics Histopathology Services on your next study.

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