Germ-Free Complete Profile
Generic Bacterial 16S rDNA PCR Assay paired with Sterility
with Anaerobic Culture (Micro) 
Testing provides you with the complete answer.

Trust IDEXX to provide you with a complete solution for all the animals in your facility, routine animal health plus monitoring of your germ-free animals. Access to our experts for questions and problem-solving provides you all the support you'll need so you can monitor with confidence.


One sample. One low price. One submission.

Get the complete answer of the microbiota status of your animals PLUS we make it even easier—submit a single sample, for one low price.

Germ-Free Complete Profile

dish-grey•        Detects both non-cultivable and cultivable bacteria
•        Detects fungi

•        Provides ID’s for bacteria found*
•        Easy one-sample, one submission
•        Customized germ-free profiles are also available

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Microbiome Analysis

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state-of-the-art analysis and
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  • DNA isolationfrom all bacteria in the sample
  • Deep sequencing—generates 200–500 megabases of sequence
  • Data comparison and analysis—our bioinformatics produces a comparative analysis to known bacterial sequences
  • Bacterial Identificationidentifies all bacteria present and their relative abundance

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*MALDI-TOF MS identification for cultured bacteria


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