The Advantage Program

Today's most innovative animal health monitoring—offering greater ease, speed and accuracy

Easy sample collection: Opti-Spot,® feces, fur and oral swab.
Customizable for optimal results.
Greater accuracy.
All results in 3* days.
No need to ship live animals.

Faster. Easier. More customized. More accurate. When it comes to testing for bacteria, viruses, and parasites within your colonies, the advantages are clear—with the Advantage Program, you get the insight you need with the greatest degree of confidence, more quickly and efficiently than ever.

Utilizing just four samples—Opti-Spot, feces, fur and oral swab—you get the most complete picture of your animals’ health, with optimal sampling that delivers optimal results.

Expect the most innovative animal health monitoring from your industry-leading partners at IDEXX BioAnalytics

* business days

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