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Undetected threats can impact your animals, your health and your data. Why take the risk?

IDEXX BioAnalytics provides a myriad of biological materials testing needs including rodent and human viral pathogen detection, microbial and fungal contamination and cell line authentication using rigorously validated technologies that require minimal sample collection. Our expertise will provide you with independent confirmation of safety and authenticity of your biological materials for better risk management.



IMPACT Animal Pathogen Screening

Identify pathogens with IMPACT. Screen your biological materials for better biosecurity.

• Also detects Mycoplasma spp. contamination
• New MKPV assay is included
• Request CellCheck, IMPACT and h-IMPACT testing from
   same sample
• Results in 3 days or less

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What our experts are saying

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"Our proprietary battery of media is specifically selected to cultivate a wide array of bacteria, filamentous fungi, and yeast."

-Marcus J. Crim, DVM, MBA, MS, DACLAM
Head of Microbiology and Aquatics Diagnostics