IMPACT Rodent Pathogen Testing

Optimal accuracy and efficiency with PCR-based pathogen testing that delivers results

  • Detects rodent viral pathogens of concern.
  • Detects Mycoplasma spp. contamination.
  • Results in 3 days or less*

Contamination of cell lines, hybridomas, and tumors with rodent pathogens is a risk to your valuable research models and can introduce unwanted variables to your study.

Increased biosecurity, faster and easier than ever—expect greater quality assurance with IMPACT

Our IMPACT I Profile now includes Corynebacterium bovis (C. bovis) for more comprehensive detection

dishCorynebacterium bovis infected mice display altered tumor growth rates compared to uninfected mice and may therefore introduce significant variables into your research. Immunodeficient mice are particularly susceptible to C. bovis infection, and since they are commonly used in xenograft studies, all biological samples associated with these mice should be screened for C. bovis contamination.



"Our PCR is so fast, customers are asking if we really ran the samples!"

Dr. Bob Livingston, Associate Director Operations
   & Scientific Affairs


 * business days

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