Sterility Sample Collection and Shipping

All samples should be shipped via overnight courier, packed with adequate ice packs to maintain cool temperature and adequate insulation to prevent freezing.

Profile 1 - Direct Inoculation Method 

The optimum sample will include both tissue culture media and cellular material (if present) because some micro-organisms are intracellular or highly cell-associated. Any remaining material is held at 4C during the course of incubation as a backup or possible confirmatory testing. 

The inoculum size per medium is 100 μL; submitters should submit a sample volume of 1000-1500 μL (1-1.5 mL) so that repeat testing can be performed if deemed advisable (no additional charge). 100 μL is provided to the IDEXX BioAnalytics PCR laboratory if Mycoplasma is requested. 

Profile 2F - Membrane Filter Concentration 

Profile 2F includes Profile 1 plus a membrane filtration procedure to concentrate potentially low number of contaminating bacteria and to remove anti-bacterial compounds such as antibiotics from the cell culture medium that might inhibit bacterial growth and lead to false negative results. Submit a sample volume of 5mL.

Profile 2C Centrifugation Concentration 

Profile 2C also includes Profile 1 but utilizes a centrifugation step instead of filtration for the concentration step. After centrifugation, the supernatant culture fluid, now devoid of cells and potentially contaminating bacteria, is removed and the pellet is re-suspended in sterile PBS and cultured in the same media used in Profile 2F. The advantages of this profile over Profile 2F is that it is a less complex procedure and is therefore less susceptible to potential contamination because manipulation of filter material is not required. Submit a sample volume of 5 mL. If quantity of material is limited, please contact IDEXX BioAnalytics at 1-800-669-0825. 

The optimum sample will include both tissue culture media and cellular material (if present) because some microorganisms are intracellular or highly cell-associated. 

All manipulations are performed in a laminar flow hood for all Sterility profiles.

Identification of Microbial Contaminants 

Identification of microbial contaminants is available. Please contact Client Support  at 1-800-669-0825 for details and pricing. 

To set up submission: 

• Online, visit: 

• Or visit here to download a fillable PDF submission form.

Ship samples to:

IDEXX BioAnalytics 

4011 Discovery Drive 
Columbia, MO 65201