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Novel MKPV—prevalence of over 15%

A newly discovered, novel parvovirus genetically divergent from MVM and MPV that causes clinical disease in immunocompromised mice. Testing of random samples indicates a prevalence of over 15%.

MKPV infects both immunocompetent and immunodeficient mice causing inclusions in the renal tubular epithelium

In severely immunodeficient mice: MKPV causes an inclusion body nephropathy and in middle aged mice this leads to:

• Chronic renal disease
• Elevated BUN and creatinine
• Weight loss
• Death

•  Transmitted to naïve mice by co-housing or dirty bedding transfer

•  In random sampling of feces from immunodeficient and immunocompetent mice we found 
   15.5 % of samples positive.

• Mice of multiple genetic lineages tested positive, including outbred stocks, inbred strains, and
   immunocompromised mice.

IDEXX BioAnalytics has developed a 
PCR-based, MKPV assay for detection

•    MKPV will be added to the mouse Global Radil Advantage and Global Opti-Xpress/EDx
       January 1, 2019 

•    MKPV will be included in a Mouse Parvovirus Plus panel

•    MKPV can be added to any profile upon request or ordered as a stand-along PCR test

•    A serologic assay for MKPV detection is under development

Sample types for PCR detectionIBA-ICONs

• Feces from the cage
• Urine



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