Tecniplast Interceptor EDT SOP

Standard Operating Procedures for the Tecniplast Interecptor EDT.


Sentinel Free Soiled Bedding (SFSB) SOP

Standard Operating Procedures for Sentinel Free Soiled Bedding (SFSB).


Direct Colony Sampling SOP

Standard Operating Procedures for Direct Colony Sampling.


Allentown Sentinel EDT SOP

Standard Operating Procedures for Allentown Sentinel EDT.


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Please use this form to request Opti and Radil Advantage sample collection kits: Opti-Spot® cards, swabs, tubes, or serum vials and diluent. Delivery takes 5-7 days. In order to help clients manage resources, we suggest ordering supplies to cover 3 months’ worth of testing.
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Animal Health Monitoring Online Submission Guide

A quick reference guide to Animal Health Monitoring sample submissions in our online  portal.



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