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IDEXX BioAnalytics provides researchers an easy-to-use and accurate means to measure multiple cytokine and chemokine biomarkers simultaneously from a single sample. Leverage our industry-leading assay expertise, stringent quality control and assurance procedures to ensure more robust and reproducible results for greater insight.

Our cutting-edge multiplex technology provides sensitive, quantitative measurement of
   multiple cytokines and chemokines from a single sample over a wide dynamic range

Panel selection has been validated by our expert scientific research team, and all testing
   is performed under strict quality measures to provide the most accurate, precise, and
   relevant results

Platform with high throughput capacity, ideal for project budgets and tight deadlines

Eliminates need for purchase and maintenance of expensive in-house equipment and
   reagent storage

World-class service backed by our industry-leading expertise in assay development

Mouse Cytokine Multiplex Panel

      IL-1α  IL-9       G-CSF   MIP-1β
      IL-1β  IL-10       GM-CSF   MIP-2
      IL-2 IL-12(p70)       IFN-y   RANTES
      IL-4   L-12 (p40)         IP-10   TNFα
      IL-5 IL-13       KC   
      IL-6 IL-15       MCP-1  
      IL-7 IL-17       MIP-1α  


New Rat Cytokine Multiplex Panel

      IL-1α    IL-12 (p70)       G-CSF   MCP-1
      IL-1β    IL-13       GM-CSF   MIP-1α
      IL-2    IL-17A       GRO/KC   MIP-2
      IL-4    IL-18       IFN-y   RANTES
      IL-5    EGF       IP-10   TNF-α
      IL-6     Eotaxin/CCL11       Leptin   VEGF
      IL-10    Fractalkine       LIX  


Sample Collection




Species:                 Mouse
                                   New Rat

Sample Type:      Serum
                                   EDTA plasma
                                   New Cell culture supernatant

Storage:                 </= -80°C preferred, -20°C accepted

Shipping:               Frozen on dry ice

Volume Required:   35 μL

Turn-around time:   10 days