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Stem Cells
Tumor Research
Mammalian Cell
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We know stem cells

Human pluripotent stem cells are essential for creating advanced models for screening, and for development of cell therapies. However, they change by nature, and users should carefully catalog genetic anomalies, cell line identity, and screen for potential contaminants.
iCS-digital PSC + CellCheck + h-IMPACT + Sterility Testing + STAT-Myco

We know tumor research

Understanding tumor behavior and analysis of regression based on therapeutic intervention is paramount for therapy pipeline progression. Researchers need to characterize all aspects of their model systems and be confident in study conclusions.
ConfirmPDX + IMPACT + CellCheck + h-IMPACT

We know mammalian cell culture models

Whether you are using classic immortalized lines, custom-made knockouts or knock ins, or feeding a screening core, mammalian cells are the backbone of modern research – and IDEXX is the ideal partner toensure your cells deliver accurate results daily.
CellCheck + h-IMPACT + Sterility Testing + STAT-Myco + STAT-Endo

We know bioproduction

Biological expression systems are essential for creating the next generation monoclonal antibody or peptide-based therapeutics. At any research-level scale, IDEXX can help you monitor your bioproduction systems for unwanted contaminants.
iCS-digital PSC + CellCheck + h-IMPACT + Sterility Testing + STAT-Myco

We know organoids

Organoids, 3D culture, and organ-on-chip have rapidly become popular models for discovery, drug screening and toxicology work. Organoids are are complex cellular models and IDEXX is ready to help with the advanced monitoring needed to deliver breakthrough data.
CellCheck + ConfirmPDX + h-IMPACT + Sterility Testing + STAT-Myco

The journey to breakthrough research starts with a passport.


The most comprehensive cell line authentication available.

Put an end to wasted budget dollars, frustrating delays, and misspent effort. IDEXX CellCheck is the essential service that all cells would demand (if they could talk). Know your cells - and guard your research against misidentified or contaminated cell lines.


Minimize risk with murine virus testing.

Contamination and lab-acquired infections are a risk to your health, your animals, and your research. IMPACT™ rodent pathogen screening gives you the confidence you need to take your cells or biological therapeutics into in vivo studies.


Don’t let human pathogens impact your research.

Human viruses can infect and destroy the growth and performance of cell lines, obliterating data integrity. With h-IMPACT human virus testing, you can be sure unwanted pathogens don’t introduce new variables to your research. 


Myco happens. Catch it fast.

Mycoplasma infections in cell culture facilities can spread quickly. Luckily there’s a test that can detect it just as fast. STAT-Myco is an exquisitely sensitive real-time PCR assay that can detect species not detected by commercially available kits.


Forget Steinbeck. This is the ultimate test of mice and men.

Finally, there is a highly accurate test for determining the percentage of human versus mouse cells within a mixed population. ConfirmPDX is a first-to-market ddPCR assay to better understand tumor composition, reporting the ratio of human-to-mouse cells with 1% resolution. No more estimating. No more uncertainty.

Sterility Testing

Fungi, bacteria, etcetera.

Microbial contamination can contribute to data variability and threaten cell culture facilities. That’s why our proprietary sterility testing uses a proprietary culture strategy along with MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry to identify your contaminant from hundreds of potential genera of bacteria and fungi. Giving you more insight and protecting your research.


Put an end to Endotoxin.

Endotoxin is not readily observed in cell culture by phenotypic change. That’s why STAT-Endo uses targeted assays to deliver fast and accurate results on your samples and remove all uncertainty from your research programs.

iCS-digital™ PSC Testing

The fastest copy number variant genomic testing assay available.

The iCS-digital PSC 24-probe test captures over 90% of recurrent defects in hPSCs, including the 20q amplification that accounts for one quarter of recurrent abnormalities in hPSCs worldwide. This test excels at pinpointing sub-karyotyping abnormalities that might elude detection with traditional G-Banding methods.