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zebrafishA novel discovery
Zebrafish Picornavirus

Through a collaborative effort, we recently discovered the first novel viral infection in zebrafish— "A highly divergent picornavirus infecting the gut epithelia of zebrafish (Danio rerio) in research institutions world wide." Learn about the impact and detection of the Zebrafish picornavirus (ZfPV1):

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Initial screens of zebrafish samples from institutions in North America, Europe, and Asia show that Zebrafish picornavirus is widespread and revealed a prevalence of about 22%.

"Since it is important to know what infectious agents are present in research colonies, we have developed a PCR assay for detection of ZfPV1 that is now available at IDEXX BioAnalytics."

- Marcus J. Crim, DVM, MBA, MS, DACLAM Head of Microbiology   and Aquatics Diagnostics

As an industry leader committed to the development of animal health monitoring programs to detect infectious agents that may affect animals and research outcomes, IDEXX BioAnalytics has developed a comprehensive array of diagnostic products and services expressly for research zebrafish and other aquatic species.

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