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Deep insights and analysis for your testing needs

A variety of Microbiome & Germ-Free testing capabilities are available based on your research needs. 

Germ-Free Complete Profile

Generic bacterial 16S rRNA PCR assay paired with sterility testing with anaerobic culture

16S ribosomal RNA (or 16S rRNA) is the RNA component of the 30S subunit of a prokaryotic ribosome. The genes coding for it are referred to as 16S rRNA gene and are used in reconstructing phylogenies, due to the slow rates of evolution of this region of the gene

  • Detects both non-cultivable and cultivable bacteria
  • Detects fungi
  • Provides IDs for bacteria found by MALDI-TOF MS

Turnaround Times

Results turnaround is 13–15 business days after receipt of samples. You will receive an automated PDF with results. Raw data without interpretation will be sent.

Microbiome Analysis 


  • DNA isolation–from all bacteria in the sample
  • Deep sequencing–generates 200–500 megabases of sequence
  • Data comparison and analysis–our bioinformatics produces a comparative analysis to known bacterial sequences
  • Bacterial Identification–identifies all bacteria present and their relative abundance

Turnaround Times 

Results turnaround is 4 weeks after receipt of samples. 

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