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Novel MKPV—prevalence of over 5%

A newly discovered, novel parvovirus genetically divergent from MVM and MPV that causes clinical disease in immunocompromised mice. Testing of thousands of client submitted samples indicate a prevalence of 5.8%

• MKPV infects both immunocompetent and immunodeficent mice causing inclusions in
   the renal tubular epithelium

• Virus had been identified in both wild and laboratory mice

• The virus is genetically divergent from other know mouse parvoviruses such as MVM    
   and MPV

In severely immunodeficient mice MKPV causes an inclusion body nephropathy and in
middle-aged mice this leads to:

   Chronic renal disease
•   Elevated BUN and creatinine
•   Weight loss
•   Death

• MKPV is transmitted to naïve mice by co-housing or dirty bedding transfer

• Mice of multiple genetic lineages tested positive, including outbred stocks, inbred strains,
   and immunocompromised mice

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IDEXX BioAnalytics has developed a PCR-based 
MKPV assay for detection

The IDEXX BioAnalytics MKPV real-time PCR assay was designed to a target that is 100% conserved among the Murine chappavovirus sequences obtained from both wild and research mice in the NCBI database. MKPV PCR assay amplified virus in the feces and tissues from wild mice, pet store mice, immunocompetent and immunocompromised research mice. Sequence analysis was performed on virus from wild mice and research mice from 20 institutions throughout the world and revealed multiple MKPV virus strains.

Sample types for PCR detection

    Feces from the cage
•    Mouse tissues
•    Rack Filters
•    Cage Swabs
•    Biological material (such as cell lines and tumors)

The IBA MKPV PCR assay detects genetically divergent strain of MKPV, and serves as a useful tool in screening samples for MKPV

• MKPV has been added to the mouse Global Radil Advantage and Global
   Opti-Xpress/EDx panels.
 MKPV is included in a NEW Mouse Parvovirus Plus panel
   MKPV can be added to any panel upon request or ordered as a stand-along PCR test

• A serologic assay for MKPV detection is under development

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